What’s I Got Today (Friday 13th April)

Hoorah, turns out that little old me has an interview for a job on Monday but have nothing to wear for it. So, armed with my redundancy pay and a sour demeanour, I set off into town to find something suitable to wear.

Cue trudging from shop to shop, dodging screaming kids and flying pasties, teenagers dressed like their style icon is Blossom and packs of roving LADS, in the dire hope that something can jump out at me and scream “Buy me! Buy me! I’ll make you feel happy inside!”

But instead of feeling particularly happy about it, here is what I got for my interview.

Jacket – H&M, £29.99

Trousers – Marni at H&M, £12.99 (come in navy and mole. Honestly, that’s a colour).

Boots – Primark, £7 (months ago).

(Not pictured is the shirt I bought from H&M, because apparently they don’t like to let you buy all of their stock online. Novel approach I suppose).

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