Look Who It Is!


It’s only Katie Waissel. The woman who wore a Daft Punk Lobster on her head a few years ago on X Factor.

Except she’s done with all the flipping between images now. She’s definitely decided that she’s a rock chick now hasn’t she. 

At one point, the backlash aimed at Waissel was verging on ridiculous, but it’s unfair to say that it was a one way thing. It was courted in the press like Rik Waller flirts with Gregg staff to get some sausage rolls that have to be thrown out for health and safety reasons. There’s nothing the Great British hate more than an ungrateful and uppity wannabe. Or whatever she was being masqueraded as that week.

So it’s good news that she’s settled down and went to live a quiet life away from the camer-

Oh, she’s not, you say? She’s actually just selling this new look to advertise her new band? Oh dear Katie, will you never learn? What a shame. 

Red Velvet, her new band, even have a song that’s about Simon Cowell and how he manipulated her during the X Factor. Sounds terrible doesn’t it. 

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