Marcus Collins Insists That ‘There’s Plenty More To Come’ Even Though There Probably Won’t Be

Marcus Collins, perennial X Factor contestant has tried to convince us all that there’s still plenty of stuff to come from him, despite him facing the axe from his current record label. 

Speaking to the brilliant DigitalSpy, Collins enthused that he has lots of ideas for his new album and that he wants to collaborate with “Sam Sparro, Jamiroquai, Anastacia, Chaka Khan and Stooshe.”

Which, to be honest, does seem to be shooting a little bit high. Collins, as we are all aware (because I’ve just told you) is facing the axe for under performing. But that’s what happens when you try and market yourself to Mothers and Grans and sound like him who sang Reet Petite. Bo Derek, was it?

Unfortunately (and it pains to say this; we wanted Collins to win) the reason that he isn’t doing that well is because his album was shit, and his releases are too forgettable (Seven Nation Army was a travesty). What a shame. 

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