Chris Brown Wants To Own All Women; Watch Your Nan #chrisbrown #teambreezy

Reformed character, Chris Brown has been at it again, bringing his individual brand of sexual politics to our eyes, and generally being a giant twat.

Brown was at Haze in Las Vegas and was basically plying women with alcohol to hopefully strike them a few times and for them not to feel it, as is the anaesthetic property of alcohol.

But when the group of ladies joined another table, Brown reportedly almost lost his loaf and is quoted as saying

Are these girls with you or with me?

How romantic? It’s what every woman wants to feel like; part of a pack and without their own thoughts and feelings. Maybe even being a much sought after commodity, like gold, orange juice or love.

Brown’s PR people have declined to comment, but they would wouldn’t they. How can you spin treating women like prostitutes?

Needless to say, this probably won’t dent the career of Brown, who miraculously bounced back from viciously attacking Rihanna to win a Grammy. But what do people’s opinions matter when teenage girls are queuing up to get attacked by him?


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