Bit Of A Bad Day For @LadyGaga #teamputyourfanniesaway

For some of it it’s the first day back at work after spending the whole weekend off our faces on, what will turn out to be, flour. Some of us it’ll be just another day on the unemployment line. But for Lady Gaga, today has gone from bad to worse.

She’s had to cancel some of the Born This Way tour for fears that some extremist Muslims might do something awful, like just relax a little and have a bit of a boogie to Bad Romance, prompting Little Monsters to literally die with grief. There’s new graves being dug as we speak.

Obviously Gaga is devastated, and the rest of the pre-planned press release about it, but her bad day doesn’t end there. Her obvious muse, and the person that she stole ‘Born This Way’ from (you can argue about it all you want, but it’s too similar), Madonna has taken a somewhat controversial dig at her.

Some leaked sounds from her upcoming MDNA tour rehearsals have revealed that the one formerly known as Madge (by people who don’t know her because she hates it) is going to sing a mash up of ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Express Yourself.’

Some pundits have said that this is a total dig to Lady Gaga, but that’s not what I think. Does it matter because won’t the gays like it even more if someone forced Madonna and Lady Gaga together? I can just see the Harry Derbridge’s swinging their fringe out of their fake tan now. That said, I’m not really bothered what Madonna does; it’s what the Little Monsters say that always amuses me.

The Little Monsters, some barely out of nappies, are notorious for taking the wrong end of stick and turning it into something really vicious and heart breaking (See: taking the mick out of Adele, for example). So it’s going to be interesting to see what ball crunchingly awful thing each camp is going to come up with. (FYI, I’m #teamputyourfanniesaway)

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