Lauren Goodger In Hot Water…AGAIN! #TOWIE #LaurensWay

The beleaguered star of TOWIE has landed herself in dire straits yet again, this time for allegedly plagiarising another piece of beauty equipment.

To the untrained eye, one set of rollers is the same as the next, but apparently to Sleep-In Rollers (rollers you sleep in), Lauren has took their design and basically started selling her own version through her ‘Lauren’s Way’ range of beauty products.

Cleverly titled Dream Rollers (because you dream when you sleep, do you see?) she has been touting them as her own creation even though it seems that they aren’t. But what do we know?

It’s been a tough few weeks for one of the original stars of The Only Way Is Essex after she was reportedly kicked off the show for being a general mardy arse.

Isn’t it strange that all of this information is alleged and reported? With no official statement being released? It’s like someone would want to maybe create a buzz around a product. But why?


Anyway, here’s Lauren and Sam going off it about something.

NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK (you’ve been warned!)

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