Five Lego Games We Will Never See

With the announcement of yet another new Lego game, this time Lord Of The Rings, it’s time that people stepped outside of the box and thought about what would be a brilliant addition to the series, and not just another bore-a-thon.

So this is my Top Five Lego games that I would like to see.

1. Lego Aliens

Although I’ve been on a Xenomorph kick for a few weeks, this is still a great idea. Imagine a blocky Sigourney Weaver with adjustable hair jogging around the different films made in Lego form. The claustrophobic deck of the Nostromo to the labyrinthine tunnels of Fiorina 161. With a tiny version of Bishop that detonates with alarming regularity that eventually little Weaver, in Alien‘s jumpsuit but with Alien 3 hair just rolls her eyes.

2. Lego Star Trek

Perhaps one of the greatest things that I’ve ever thought of is a Lego equivalent of Star Trek, but not just one incarnation. EVERY incarnation. Captain Pike going up against The Borg in his Fantastic Beeping Wheelchair. Doctor McCoy and Scotty going to toe to toe with Lursa and B’etor. And answer the question that has plagued every Trekker’s minds: who would win in a fight between Nurse Chapel, Seven of Nine and Deanna Troi. All the while finding enough blue bricks to build the Defiant.

3. Lego Jurassic Park

Lego Jurassic Park would be brilliant for a few reasons; namely a tiny Richard Attenborough trying to get the better of a pack of Velociraptor in top hats.

4. Lego Marvel Universe

As Avengers vs X-Men flips between being brilliant and just another massive fight, and Avengers Assemble riding high as the film that’s sold more than anything else in the World, and probably worth more than Greece is at the minute, the time is ripe for Lego versions of fan favourites, and Dazzler. With hundreds of characters ready to be made into plastic form, with even more variations of costume over the years, it sets up the option for Easter Eggs and Downloadable Content. Want the Grant Morrison era of New X-Men? 79p please. Dark Phoenix? 79p please.

5. Lego Chris Columbus

How wonderful would it be to team up Kevin McAllister from Home Alone, Mikey Walsh from The Goonies and Mrs Doubtfire and fight off an army of Gremlins? It’d be so brilliant that I bet you’ve all got to wipe that dot off your underwear now.

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