What Have We Learned From The New Tomb Raider Trailer?

It’s that time of year (as Craig BB1 sang) that all the new gaming trailers get released during E3, whetting our appetites for the close of the year and possible Christmas presents. I’ve already got my eye on Assassin’s Creed 3, just so you all know. I think I’m going to start a KickStarter fund.

This time it’s the turn of Tomb Raider. But it’s not just any old Tomb Raider. Like the ones that we all played on the PlayStation 2. Or the one that broke all of the buttons on your keyboard. This one looks like it might just be a complete reinvention of a very old concept.

Gone are the generic duel pistol shooting at tigers and dinosaurs, and instead there’s a super charged, almost constant active time event. Which is taking what made the Unchartered series stick a wet one in Lara Croft’s eye and ups the bar one more time.

There’s actual (pixellated) blood and what looks like actual (pixellated) violence as the rich socialite Lara Croft breaks the shackles that tie her to her life of privilege and manners, and instead takes on an island full of dirty men to save the life of her friend Steph and return to a life more ordinary. Will she return to stately mansions and butlers that you can lock in walk in fridges? What do you think?

The trailer is at the top of the post, but be prepared, it contains bear traps and the threat of rape.

Seriously, this isn’t like any Tomb Raider that I’ve ever seen before.

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