Danny O’Donoghue Doesn’t Just Get One Woman; Even Pulls A Reality TV Contestant. LAD

Here’s a massive dick hugging a massive dick

Astonishing as it may seem, Danny O’Donoghue has managed to not only pull one woman and made her probably hate her life, despite being a colossal ass-hat, but he’s also rumoured to have started ruining someone else’s life as well. Not a woman who has aspirations to make Page 3 before the need for a boob job, but Bo Bruce, the woman who he mentored during his, hopefully, only year on The Voice.

He’s apparently left his girlfriend, Irma Mali for the “talented singer” and is setting tongues wagging.

Unfortunately it isn’t because he’s totally had an affair with this Bo Bruce character, but because no one can believe that the man who thought standing on a revolving chair would endear him to the nation has managed to get someone else interested in him.

The man is like a walking advertising for the word ‘awkward.’

Except this news is really just Plan B for Bo Bruce’s character now that she failed to win The Voice. How else do you stay in the news now that a cabaret singer has beaten you in a singing contest? By shtupping someone famous, right?

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