Justice League Gets A Writer; Unfortunately It’s Will Beall.

Behind every good Superman there’s countless kick ass Superwomen

In other sort of potentially brilliant news, the much beleaguered Justice League film has been given it’s very first writer in the shapely shape of Will Beall, the man tasked with rebooting Lethal Weapon and Logan’s Run.

If those films don’t sound dreadful, rest assured they probably will be.

Although no script has been handed in, and there’s no information about which characters will appear, or what the plot will revolve around, it already seems that DC is reacting to Marvel’s colossal success with Avengers Assemble (which normal people call Avengers).

So, the film is in the works, and looks set to recast Batman now that the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale comes out next month. Are we ready for yet another Batman? Maybe they can get around it by being set in the past and acting as an origin tale for the superhero tale; much like the recently rebooted Justice League comic.

Why can’t we just have Geoff Johns write everything concerned with DC. We know what we’re going to get that way.

The news comes just days after a new Justice League game was announced.

3 thoughts on “Justice League Gets A Writer; Unfortunately It’s Will Beall.

  1. “If those films don’t sound dreadful, rest assured they probably will be.”

    Wow, you must be an Oracle to know about the quality of those movies before a single scene has been shot. Geoff Johns will obviously be involved, he is DCE’s creative consultant.


  2. Lethal Weapon was dire the first time round, so how could any sort of reboot or rehash be as great as studio execs want it?

    And as for Geoff Johns being involved, I’m aware of his position within DCE, I was saying that it should be written by him.


  3. I’m sure this writer suck, but this movie was doomed from the beginning. There is just no way to do a good JLA movie. It worked for the Avengers because the characters aren’t too big on their own. Each one has their own special super-power niche. The JLA characters are all too big and powerful to be on screen at the same time to take down any type of large enough threat. I’m a huge fan of JLA, but I have let the idea of this movie go a long time ago.


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