Peter Andre Doesn’t Mind Pimping Out Dead People

Somewhere an orphan has just stubbed his toe

In a move that’s going to remind people that Peter Andre doesn’t know when to stop sinking to the lowest depths of the human condition, he’s chosen to release a song that the recently deceased Bee Gee, Robin Gibb wrote for him.

Not because it’s a beautiful ditty. Or because Peter Andre really felt like the Bee Gees were a massive force in music, like the rest of us do. But because he knows that it’ll keep Peter Andre in the public eye.

When he’s not selling the death of a Bee Gee, he’s also profiting from his brother’s Cancer, which will sure to have brought massive upheaval to his life. Or so the upcoming ‘Peter Andre: My Brother’s Got Cancer And This Is How I Feel About It’ ITV2 special will show us.

For shame Peter Andre. You don’t use someone’s memory to sell things, you make off colour remarks and then get chastised and almost ruin your career. Just ask Graham Norton.


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