Justin Bieber Almost Breaks ITV; Magic Scarf Keeps Him Safe From Harm

That’s Justin Bieber in the scarf. You can’t really tell at all can you?

It isn’t often that parts of London come to an almost standstill, except when it comes to privileged strains on society wanting to have a lovely boat party down the Thames. But it looks like Bieber Fever and those pesky Bieberphiles are at it again.

Once news that Bieber, the reincarnation of whatever God Cliff Richard is praying to to keep him looking young, was turning up on Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular (it’s called Specstacular because he wears glasses) ITV studios was inundated with an army of pre-pubescent whelps wanting to meet their idol, and probably touching him in the pants a few times.

Needless to say, his Ken stump wouldn’t have been much of an exciting prospect for them, but they could’ve made it look shiny for Selena Gomez.She likes a shiny genital stump does Gomez.

Unfortunately Bieber wasn’t caught in the throng of hot pants and stupid glasses with no lenses in, but never mind.

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