Chris Brown Hates Cher Now; Doesn’t Believe In A Life After Love

It looks like the best example of an action film train crash crammed into one very angry young man, Chris Brown has been running his smart mouth around. “Throwing shade” as the kids who like his brand of almost generic dance music would say.

Except it would be if his PR weren’t claiming that it was a hacker doing the online shenanigans.

“Someone” said

That damn GRANNY bitch CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against Obama !!! SMH she needs a beating

Needless to say no one was actually surprised that Brown would speak to someone like that, especially after his altercations with people with actual emotions and morals, and the whole Rihanna attack thing. When it comes to Chris Brown it’s usually easier to believe that he’s done something really awful than thinking it could be a mistake. Once a vicious and violent thug, always a vicious and violent thug, as the saying goes.

But it doesn’t matter, because he’s won a Grammy and thousands of teenage girls queuing up to get smacked by him.


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