Hooray! Teen Titans Go! Is Back!

It’s a good day for fans of Teen Titans because another series of the 2003-06 series that followed the anime exploits of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg has got another series set to debut during the DC Nation block of programmes.

Although the same voice cast is back for another round, it seems that the dark tone has been jettisoned. Teen Titans Go! was quite groundbreaking in that it attempted to do versions of some quite major Teen Titans story lines, like The Judas Contract (where Terra found herself all pally with the Teen Titans, but not before it was revealed that she had been sleeping with massive Titans villain, Deathstroke, all along, before eventually turning on them).

It follows animated versions of Green Lantern and Young Justice that, with the brilliant DC Nation app that funnels Superman Family and other age appropriate titles, have almost cemented DC as the go-to guys and gals for comics that are suitable for actual children.

As you can see from the little slice of art at the top, visually it’s slightly different from the previous series, but only seems to infant-alise them even more. Which isn’t a bad thing, Tiny Titans, a look at the Teen Titans in nursery/kindergarten has been a massive hit for DC.

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