Billie Piper Kisses A Student; Daily Mail Covers Lap With A Cushion Then Gets Annoyed

Biting my tongue cos I’m a lesbian now aren’t I.

Poor Billie Piper.

It seems that one of the best Doctor Who companions (fuck off whoever said Freema Agyeman) has decided to get right wing people’s perceptions and rash decisions in a right old tizz once again. Fresh off the back of playing professional whore and novelist, Belle Du Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, she’s taken to seducing teenagers who are still in school.

For a role on TV mind, not because she’s some sort of curly haired pederast you understand.

True Love, set to be shown on BBC One soon, sees her play a teacher who seduces a 16 year old pupil played by Skins foetus Kaya Scodelario. But don’t worry, it’s not just about lusty glances and double meanings about obtuse angles and the best way to solve the equations IN HER PANTS there’s kissing and some bedroom scenes.

I bet Mumsnet are going to go apeshit about this one.

Never mind though, because now Billie Piper has lesbian teacher to add to her sexual perversion bingo card. The only things left are patois speaking transvestite and Max Moseley.

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