Now Your Thong Related Disaster Problems Have Been Solved!

Yep, this is really a real thing.

Ever wondered what you would do if you ever ran out of underwear and needed to cover your, frankly disgusting nether region in the case of fire or tsunami?

“Grab a towel” you say? Don’t be stupid. That’s a fire risk, and in the case of tsunami would stink of damp.

Instead, some clever boffin has devised a flip flop that is also, get this, a thong.

Admittedly, thongs aren’t for everyone. Having something ride up your ass crack with the determination of flies on shit (pretty unfortunate phrasing there) isn’t for everyone, but is it better than people seeing that thing which isn’t as big as what you think it might be? Exactly.

How does it work? Well, pretty simple.

You pull the straps around your legs and the foot bit covers your shame. Simple design.

Will you be buying one, just in case, or is this set to be the new Morphsuit (which is the new Borat Mankini, which is the new novelty thong)?


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