Poor Lauren Goodger Gets Bullied; Says She’s Over It

Lauren Goodger, professional nightmare and star of The Only Way Is Essex has spoke about getting bullied on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Which is a horrible thing to go through for anyone, even those who kind of deserve it.

Goodger told The Sun that

I’ll get hundreds of responses to anything I post saying things like ‘you’re fat’, ‘you’re ugly’, or ‘who are you?’. It can be quite rude and disgusting, too… This just goes too far — it’s bullying. I tell myself these people must have problems of their own to write stuff like this.

But that doesn’t bother Goodger because she’s over it and is now body confident.

Body confident is one of those phrases that makes me toes curl up under themselves and dissolve into the soles of my feet. Who gives a giant shit if someone is feeling confident in their body? Whoopie shit! You might feel fabulous because of all those Danone yoghurts Martine McCutcheon is banging on about, but no one else cares.

“But she might be an inspiration to other women,” you say? Well fuck you, because if women are taking Lauren Goodger as inspiration then they need their heads sorting out.

Saying that you’re confident in your body is like a red rag to a particularly nasty aggressive bull.

Get a grip.

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