Calvin Harris; Part Man Part Hit Machine

It might seem like Cheryl ‘Don’t Call Me Cole’ Cole is setting the charts alight with her single ‘Call My Name,’ and that’s a great song and you won’t be hearing me say anything derogatory about it, but it isn’t Cheryl who should just be proud of herself. It should be the man behind the song, as well as two other singles in the Top 40 (Rihanna and Ne-Yo, just so you’s know), Calvin Harris, who’s giving himself a big pat on the cock.

The man is almost literally a hit machine, pumping out hit after hit like the rest of us would pump witty diatribes on Twitter. He’s worked with people as diverse as Example and Kelis, and almost changed the face of dance music to such an extent that Chris Brown has even been nicking his style.

So well done Calvin, you da awesomez.

Here’s the video for my favourite Calvin Harris song (before he got a swanky new hair do).

Spot the Popey.

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