George Michael Releases A Song; It’s Not As Good As Even The Worst Wham song

When George Michael revealed that the rumours of an imminent Wham revival were nothing more than Careless Whispers, he instead insisted that he would still be releasing a song to commemorate his 30 years in the music business.

Underwhelming isn’t even the word. It’s like being promised Christmas but instead getting a disappointing Eastenders cliffhanger; something to do with Lola perhaps?

But dodgy New Order cover aside, it’s good that George Michael is trying. He has managed to forge a legacy in pop music, and car shaped dents in Supa Snaps, and should do something nice to celebrate it.

‘White Lights’ probably isn’t going to be that. The whole song seems to be lazy and a little safe.

It needs a good Poppers O’Clock remix.

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