Dappy and Tulisa Have A C*nt Off

Despite being one of the most irritating women on the Planet, and somehow being voted the World’s Sexiest Woman by the hamfisted morons at FHM, Tulisa has been up to her old tricks again. It seems that you can take the girl out of the scumbag, but you can’t take the scumbag out of the girl.

And despite, allegedly pledging a truce with her equally disgusting cousin, Dappy, she has tried to out do his awful actions by throwing some rather controversial hand signals. No, not the universal symbol for wank, or flipping the middle finger, but instead throwing a symbol that some gangster dicks in London use. A bit like the Dark Mark, but if the Dark Mark was used by overgrown toddlers who don’t understand the importance of society and how bad drugs are.

But not to be outdone by his more famous cousin, primitive pipsqueak Dappy released his new video that took pretty wide swipes at the X Factor (and by default, Tulisa) and past winners like Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry. The video, and the song, is offensive and a bit dull, but that doesn’t really matter when it comes to the oneupmanship of Tulisa and Dappy. The showbiz charade is all about being as outspoken as possible, and as it stands, Dappy has definitely outdone Tulisa in this round. Singing about rape and Cancer is totally worse than throwing some childish signs in a hood.

Come on Tulisa, pull your finger out. X Factor stars soon.

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