Big Brother In Big Bother

Conor generously showed the other housemates how he was going to shove Deana’s epilator up her minge

Looks like being the underdog of reality TV shows isn’t the only thing that the production staff on Big Brother have to worry about, because Ofcom are now going to be investigating about a series of racist and aggressive comments made on the show.

Around 1,108 complaints have been made, which equates to almost a third of the viewing public, about the way that Conor McIntyre and Caroline Wharram has been treating some of the other contestants.

Conor was reprimanded for his behaviour after he said some pretty harsh things about shoving an epilator up Deana Uppal’s minge and called her a piece of shit. I’m not sure whether that’s exactly how you use an epilator, but Big Brother took offence and warned him about his behaviour. And it’s not even just the Steven Seagal (just without the intelligence) stand in that has been letting their flaps go.

Caroline Wharram, the woman who could have smuggled orphans into her massive hair, has potentially been a bit racist towards Adam Kelly and called him ‘a gorilla.’ Which is racist, regardless of what Ofcom say from now on. She wouldn’t have called a white contestants a gorilla. It would have been a whale or something fancy like that.

As controversial as it’s going to sound, when race rows hit shows, they became infinitely more interesting. People are clambering over themselves to have an opinion on them. Big Brother was all over the place when Dead Racist Jade Goody victimised Shilpa Shetty in a disgusting display of ignorance and arrogance. It was in every paper and spoken about on every TV show.

Ofcom received more complaints than the Eastenders Baby Swap story, Hiroshima and they would have if Threads was shown during it’s time. It was everywhere. You couldn’t move for Shilpa Poppadum. And it essentially ruined the Goody brand.

Frankly any mention of Conor and Caroline should be considered a precursor for this week’s nominations because the two of them should hopefully be up.

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