Batman To Get Some Cohorts In Big Knickers And Space Age Origins

In other Justice League news (I know, you’re being spoilt) it’s been announced that not only is there going to be a new Arkham Asylum sequel, but that it’s also going to include the Silver Age Justice League of America.

Which is completely brilliant news.

Seeing actual 3D versions of the stupid 70s costumes and massive hairstyles is going to be amazing. Hopefully they’ll be playable characters, but it’s probably going to be downloadable content for the battle stages. Which is still going to be amazing. Imagine control the original Black Canary as she kicks the hairy snots out of The Joker’s goons.

As I write these words I can feel myself getting more and more excited for it.

Although it won’t be released until 2014, and a few months before The Justice League hits the cinema, the game shows us Batman’s very first encounter with The Joker.

If I were you, I’d start firing up the PlayStation and see if you can find some hidden rooms that talk about the Silver Age or Martian Manhunter. Or the Red Hood.

Seriously! Silver Age Justice League!

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