The Justice League Gets A 2015 Release Date; Everyone At Marvel Sniggers Behind Their Hands

No matter how many times he used Persil Small and Mighty, Superman couldn’t get the blood out of Supergirl’s uniform

The Justice League, DC Entertainment’s attempt at The Avengers has been given a 2015 release date. Presumably this is to re-do all of the work that the old DC Comics entertainment wing has been doing since Superman Returns.

All of the films that you’ve watched from DC are essentially going to become moot because all of the old films, like the Christopher Nolan Batmans are going to be defunct now. And for all those people that are looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises, prepare to have your fond memories of the the most realistic take on Batman shat on from the Invisible Plane, because Christopher Nolan has said that he won’t be involved in The Justice League film in anyway.

On the plus side, there’s finally going to be a big screen adaptation featuring Wonder Woman.

So, there’s that.

I’m not really one for throwing good money after bad, and especially as Will Beall has been tentatively announced as the writer, this could be a major low point in DC Entertainment’s pantheon. Chances are, unless they manage to match what Marvel and Disney did with the pre-release advertisements and easily accessible origin stories in comic books, this could go very wrong, very badly. Before Iron Man 2, no one knew who the Black Widow was, but by the time The Avengers came out, everyone was super-psyched to see Scarlett Johansson, which hasn’t happened since those booby pictures leaked. Can you honestly say that about some of the not-as-famous members of the Justice League? Are people going to be as excited about Martian Manhunter than they were about Hawkeye?

Probably not.

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