What Have We Learned From @O2 Today?

As little invisible butterflies who carry phone signal dropped away (we imagine this is how it works, no one try and tell us different) Twitter got angry. Very angry. There were death threats, and there were jokes, but all through this dark time was a shining beacon of greatness. Like in Lord Of The Rings when the torches were lit from Gondor to Rohan? Well the O2 Twitter stream was the exact opposite of that. They were funny and not a notice that the King had died (or whatever it meant, 3 hours is a long time to sit through a film).

They dealt with customer complaints with a hint of whimsy and mirth, when it could have had a stoic and curt response has made everyone laugh about the problem, instead of going all Natwest on their ass.

Having your network drop is a bugger, and if I were popular, I might have been affected by it, but so far, I haven’t. If O2 made bread, then perhaps I would be swinging from the bannister, but as it stands, nada.

The way that whoever is running the O2 Twitter feed has spoke to customers has been brilliant. When threatened with being hunted down by angry people, it’s turned the entire thing into a joke and defused the situation. So what have we learned?

That it’s actually easier to turn a death threat into something funnier instead of reporting them to the police.

It makes sense to turn something angry into something not angry because it makes the person who’s angry look like a total boob-punch.

Tina Fey also subscribes to this theory

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