Sound The Alarm! Pantyliner Advert Uses The Word ‘Vagina.’

The realms of ridiculousness has reached even scarier depths (and I’m taking Jedward’s career into account) as an advert for pantyliners has used the word ‘vagina’ and ‘discharge.’

The absolute monsters at Johnson and Johnson have outraged the entire World by including words for their Carefree pads that would accurately describe what a product would do instead of trying to soften the blow by using words that everyone knows means fanny, but isn’t fanny.

What’s the point in dressing up something unpleasant for the sake of small minded prudes? Although there’s no definite numbers of the complaints, it’s bound to be in the trillions and everyone should start thinking more discreetly about a problem that affects 71% of women.


Get a grip.

Obviously I can’t show the actual advert, it’s just that inflammatory. Instead, look how happy women in the 80s were when they wore fairy shields (which apparently isn’t something that you can buy on Zelda).

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