Karl Lagerfeld Hates Pippa Middleton’s Face

Sometimes massive stars of fashion enjoy letting their mouths flap like an unfinished seam. And sometimes this can irritate everyone who has a decent opinion of people and events. Remember how repulsive John Galliano was when he spouted all that anti-semitic spaff at those poor people? And when professional perm James Brown used the N word? Remember that? Well, it looks like Karl Lagerfeld has decided that he should probably say something offensive. Maybe he was sat over expensive coffee harvested by the most couture of orphans and wanted to kill someone’s buzz for the day, or maybe he’s so wrapped up in his own fart cloud of importance that he didn’t think what he was saying. It’s the fart cloud isn’t it.

Well, after saying some bad but true words about Adele (who might have been pregnant at the time, FOR SHAME!) a few months ago, he has turned his beady, slightly stretched eyes to the Middletons. And how he hates Pippa Middleton’s face.

More than what we do when we see her in the paper. He doesn’t just roll his eyes like we do. He has a proper cob on about her for some reason.

He said

I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.

Which makes perfect sense really. That way she could really develop a monopoly on the perfect human arse. And really show the part human part arse Mark Wright a thing or two about being a total and complete anus hat.

No one really cares about anything else that Pippa does, it’s all about the butt, and I cannot lie.

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