Fat Face x Folk; Our New Fave Range Of Essentials

I’m relatively late to the World of Fat Face. The urban fashion brand that is inspired by inner city and a stripped-back wardrobe of well made and authentic essentials has, somehow, passed me by. But recently the brand has quickly become one of the places to go for layerable, wearable, well-made pieces.

So on the face of it, the Fat Face x Folk collaboration is going to blow my wardrobe wide open. The 15-piece collection is focused on meticulous design and superior quality and lives up to both brand’s reputations.

Padded jackets, patterned shirts, textured trousers and more checks than you can shake a button down henley at. It’s almost like a dictionary definition of how to nail modern layering. Hardy textures and an accessible palette of blues, greys and beiges.

Highlights are the navy double breasted peacoat, the supersoft cotton spot shirt and the wool trousers that will go with so much things you already own. Which is the genius of this collection; it can all be added into your existing wardrobe and really level up your wintry wares.

The full collection is available at https://www.fatface.com/folk which is super handy really.

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