Sam Cam visits Am, Obams Say ‘Dayum’

Behind every great man is an even greater woman Whoever said this clearly wasn’t a tabloid journalist, or someone who writes for the Daily Mail. Because it seems that you’re ranking in society, or achievements in life don’t make any difference when you’re standing next to another woman.  How do we know this? Because SamanthaContinue reading “Sam Cam visits Am, Obams Say ‘Dayum’”

Now That Kirkwood Is Off, What Should Happen With Eastenders

Right, before we go any further, let’s get one thing out the way. I’ve watched Eastenders for a massive percentage of my life; being terrified of early doors Dot Cotton shaped my relationship with cigarettes and men in leather jackets, Pauline Fowler irritated the flesh on my bones until she lay down in the snowContinue reading “Now That Kirkwood Is Off, What Should Happen With Eastenders”

Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers

Of late I’ve been going through a series of crises; obviously the most rescindent of them all is what is going to be trendy when it comes to the Summer months that it’s acceptable to show pasty morsels of flabby skin. So I decided to get my act together, travel a number of miles toContinue reading “Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers”