You Should Know About: Broad City

If someone came up to you and said ‘Yo, you should totally check out this new series that I’ve seen on Comedy Central about two girls living it up in New York’ you’d automatically draw some fairly obvious conclusions: one, that there’s going to be some sort of influence from the Grand Dames of FeminismContinue reading “You Should Know About: Broad City”

The Guardian: Bootcut Jeans Will Get You All Eventually

This week came the warning that squatting in skinny jeans can cause severe damage to your nerves after a 35-year-old woman was hospitalised after suffering from “bilateral foot drop and foot numbness, which caused her to trip and fall”. It may sound ridiculous to us, but the poor woman had cut off the circulation toContinue reading “The Guardian: Bootcut Jeans Will Get You All Eventually”

Why Final Fantasy VII Is Deserving Of A HD Remake

Picture the scene; it’s 1997. The Spice Girls are at the height of their musical dominance, and platform trainers were being sold at almost six a second to pre-pubescent girls screeching about ‘Giw Powa’ to any man who didn’t really understand what was going on in life anymore. Tony Blair is voted in and startsContinue reading “Why Final Fantasy VII Is Deserving Of A HD Remake”

Why We Love TV

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Mike Baldwin shaped rock for the past few days, you won’t have missed the sad passing of Anne Kirkbride, the soap behemoth behind Deirdre Barlow. Deirdre, the character who ensnared a nation with her unlikely sexual prowess; she once seduced Street lothario Dev Alahan, to the collective disgust ofContinue reading “Why We Love TV”

Jessica Lange Is Leaving American Horror Story. And What?

“Yes, I’m done,” confirmed Jessica Lange on Sunday, putting to rest months and months of speculation about whether she was going to continue with the show into its fifth season, or bow out like some people think she probably should have done a few seasons ago. Which means that Lange is leaving an almost burstingContinue reading “Jessica Lange Is Leaving American Horror Story. And What?”

Inside Amy Schumer

One of the main reasons that Inside Amy Schumer, the self titled part sketch show, part social examination, is so brilliant at what it does is because it’s a strong voice with a strong message. That message being: I’m a woman, society is doing all these terrible things to us and I want to show you how ridiculous this is.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’ve just sat through six hours of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s really early on Mother’s Day and to be honest I’m either too tired or buzzed to celebrate it. I’m too tired or buzzed because I’ve finally found what my heart has been missing since 30 Rock – the GREATEST comedy ever created – finished. And my new love? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Scran On The Tyne: Tyneside Bar Café – A Culinary Blockbuster

Some things in life are very hard. Trying to understand how “Carry On…” films should be viewed in our modern society, for example, is very tricky. Just like trying to learn how to tie your laces. Our lives are filled, from cradle to tomb, with some very difficult problems. So any small help, in whateverContinue reading “Scran On The Tyne: Tyneside Bar Café – A Culinary Blockbuster”

Scran On The Tyne: Great Burgers At The Central Bar Gateshead… Who Knew?!

Situated, some might say snuggly, just underneath a railway bridge, The Central Bar Gateshead, helmed by the guys and gals at the burgeoning Head Of Steam, is a sight for sore eyes. Just a quick walk from the Sage and the Quayside, and repurposing the abandoned building that it is situated in, Central Bar couldContinue reading “Scran On The Tyne: Great Burgers At The Central Bar Gateshead… Who Knew?!”