Why Every Straight Man Needs A Gay Best Friend; A Response

I’ve recently read an article on Huffington Post about how having a gay best friend could be really good for a straight man.  If you’re not horrified enough by that initial sentence as it is, allow me to elaborate. Someone has actually thought about how a gay man would be a great asset to a straightContinue reading “Why Every Straight Man Needs A Gay Best Friend; A Response”

My Style Icons (oddly remiss of anyone called David Beckham)

2013 was a massive year for Justin Timberlake. Not only did he return to our ears with some very questionable pop music, but he was also voted GQ’s Most Stylish Man of 2013. Which is a massive shame really, because yet again a perfectly respectable role model has had his natural good looks rewarded again.Continue reading “My Style Icons (oddly remiss of anyone called David Beckham)”

Justice League, Back, Back, Back Again

Remember in the 90s when every comic would be released with almost hundreds of variant covers? Some would be shiny, some would be 3D, some would just be black and white. It was a bit crazy to be honest. Crazy and unnecessary, but it was a staple of the business. Variant covers can sometimes beContinue reading “Justice League, Back, Back, Back Again”

The Great British Bake Off Final; Let’s Here It For The Boys

As the ganache topping is about to set on this year’s series of Great British Bake Off, all the contestants who weren’t really as good as they should have been have discarded into the bin, like the desiccated fruit that no one wants in their cakes, leaving only the very best of this series toContinue reading “The Great British Bake Off Final; Let’s Here It For The Boys”

Bring Out Your Almost Dead; It’s Time For London Fashion Week

Working in fashion means that you have to take note of what goes on during the various Fashion Weeks around the World (although no one follows Paris Fashion Week; it’s the equivalent of a tramp doing a soft shoe shuffle for coppers compared to the Royal Variety Performance) because eventually the more commercial aspects willContinue reading “Bring Out Your Almost Dead; It’s Time For London Fashion Week”

Kate Windsor Got Her Tits Out; Two In The Eye For Freedom Of Speech

Sometimes it’s possible that things get leaked to the press that perhaps shouldn’t have been, and because it might be salacious gossip it automatically becomes “in the public’s interest.” Who can forget when Ronan Keating had an affair and we all climbed over each other to decry his family friendly persona and that he wasContinue reading “Kate Windsor Got Her Tits Out; Two In The Eye For Freedom Of Speech”

Alex Polizzi; The Ellen Ripley of Hospitality

If you’ve ever been to an hotel that has a mildew sodden carpeted bathroom, or a mirrored ceiling when all you wanted was a sea view, then don’t feel too bad because there is finally a woman prepared to put down her prawn cocktail and stand up, ding the bell on the hotel counter untilContinue reading “Alex Polizzi; The Ellen Ripley of Hospitality”

I’m Going To Miss The Olympics; Here’s Why

I didn’t think I would ever say these words, or that I would say them while waiting for the Olympic diving, but I think I could actually miss the Olympics once they finish on Sunday. Before two weeks ago the thought of sport being on the TV filled with revulsion. Revulsion that demonstrated itself byContinue reading “I’m Going To Miss The Olympics; Here’s Why”

Karl Lagerfeld Hates Pippa Middleton’s Face

Sometimes massive stars of fashion enjoy letting their mouths flap like an unfinished seam. And sometimes this can irritate everyone who has a decent opinion of people and events. Remember how repulsive John Galliano was when he spouted all that anti-semitic spaff at those poor people? And when professional perm James Brown used the NContinue reading “Karl Lagerfeld Hates Pippa Middleton’s Face”