Bring Out Your Almost Dead; It’s Time For London Fashion Week

Working in fashion means that you have to take note of what goes on during the various Fashion Weeks around the World (although no one follows Paris Fashion Week; it’s the equivalent of a tramp doing a soft shoe shuffle for coppers compared to the Royal Variety Performance) because eventually the more commercial aspects willContinue reading “Bring Out Your Almost Dead; It’s Time For London Fashion Week”

Karl Lagerfeld Hates Pippa Middleton’s Face

Sometimes massive stars of fashion enjoy letting their mouths flap like an unfinished seam. And sometimes this can irritate everyone who has a decent opinion of people and events. Remember how repulsive John Galliano was when he spouted all that anti-semitic spaff at those poor people? And when professional perm James Brown used the NContinue reading “Karl Lagerfeld Hates Pippa Middleton’s Face”

Now Your Thong Related Disaster Problems Have Been Solved!

Ever wondered what you would do if you ever ran out of underwear and needed to cover your, frankly disgusting nether region in the case of fire or tsunami? “Grab a towel” you say? Don’t be stupid. That’s a fire risk, and in the case of tsunami would stink of damp. Instead, some clever boffinContinue reading “Now Your Thong Related Disaster Problems Have Been Solved!”

What’s I Got Today (Friday 13th April)

Hoorah, turns out that little old me has an interview for a job on Monday but have nothing to wear for it. So, armed with my redundancy pay and a sour demeanour, I set off into town to find something suitable to wear. Cue trudging from shop to shop, dodging screaming kids and flying pasties,Continue reading “What’s I Got Today (Friday 13th April)”

Stuck In A Fashion Rut: Navy 1

Good day faithful followers of fashionable fluff. Here’s a quick story (heavily influenced by Herman’s Hermits) I woke up this morning feeling fine, there’s something special on my mind. Not a girl in the neighbourhood. That would be ridiculous wouldn’t it? I had, by my standards a busy day of things to do. Various eBayContinue reading “Stuck In A Fashion Rut: Navy 1”

Fashion Edict #1: How To Wear Shoes

No no, not just any shoes. That would be ridiculous. It’s obviously Power Rangers velcro sneakers whatever the occasion. But mores how do you wear this season’s upcoming shoe trends with the style and grace of an elderly lady who’s just discovered the beauty of Helen Mirren’s swimwear stylist? With a resurgence of the smarterContinue reading “Fashion Edict #1: How To Wear Shoes”

Mantyhose? Da fuck?

Fashion is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever come across. As generalisations go, that might be one of the most sweeping that I’ve ever uttered, but I’ve just seen something that is stupid, so impractical, and so infuriating that I can’t stay silent any longer. And what’s got me blinded with fashion rage? Mantyhose.Continue reading “Mantyhose? Da fuck?”

Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers

Of late I’ve been going through a series of crises; obviously the most rescindent of them all is what is going to be trendy when it comes to the Summer months that it’s acceptable to show pasty morsels of flabby skin. So I decided to get my act together, travel a number of miles toContinue reading “Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers”