I’m Going To Miss The Olympics; Here’s Why

I didn’t think I would ever say these words, or that I would say them while waiting for the Olympic diving, but I think I could actually miss the Olympics once they finish on Sunday. Before two weeks ago the thought of sport being on the TV filled with revulsion. Revulsion that demonstrated itself byContinue reading “I’m Going To Miss The Olympics; Here’s Why”

How To Boil Two Eggs In Five Easy Steps

Welcome to a guide of how to boil two eggs with sufficient heat that you probably won’t die from severe diarrhoea and bed sores.  Things You’ll Need 2 eggs (make sure that they’re stamped because if not, they might be human eggs) 2 eggcups (you can also use shot glasses if you want) 2 pansContinue reading “How To Boil Two Eggs In Five Easy Steps”