Bieborg 2.0 Fails Again; Doesn’t Stop Being Funny

Just days after Justin Bieborg had a mini meltdown because his hat and shoe fell off, his faulty hardware has been at it again, this time coming off worse against a glass door. You could justify it by saying that everyone has problems with glass doors sometimes, except this isn’t an episode of You’ve BeenContinue reading “Bieborg 2.0 Fails Again; Doesn’t Stop Being Funny”

Bieborg malfunctions; Selena Gomez Ctrl+Alt+Dels @justinbieber #prayforbieborg

Justin Bieber has, reportedly lost his loaf at some paparazzi, and for the first time shown the failings in the upgraded Bieborg 2.0 software. Luckily Selena Gomez, the Noonien Soong to Bieber’s Data, was around to reset the Bieborg’s operations via the handy on/off switch on the sole of his foot. Look at his face,Continue reading “Bieborg malfunctions; Selena Gomez Ctrl+Alt+Dels @justinbieber #prayforbieborg”