Warehouse Debut Menswear

It’s been such a slow start to the year of menswear hasn’t it? If there’s one thing that we can blame on COVID-19, it’s the absolute surge in loungewear being worn up and down the country. Who’s going to complain about being able to wear shorts and no underwear for a large portion of our day? Not me, that’s for sure. But now that we are fully embraced in the COVID lifestyle, I’ve been setting my sights further into the year and well past the worry of catching a disease and dying somewhere looking like someone forget to groom Chewbacca for three months. Honestly, barbers should be key workers because I can’t take looking like this for much longer.

Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers

Of late I’ve been going through a series of crises; obviously the most rescindent of them all is what is going to be trendy when it comes to the Summer months that it’s acceptable to show pasty morsels of flabby skin. So I decided to get my act together, travel a number of miles toContinue reading “Why It’s Never Alright To Wear Green Trousers”