Chris Brown Wants To Own All Women; Watch Your Nan #chrisbrown #teambreezy

Reformed character, Chris Brown has been at it again, bringing his individual brand of sexual politics to our eyes, and generally being a giant twat. Brown was at Haze in Las Vegas and was basically plying women with alcohol to hopefully strike them a few times and for them not to feel it, as isContinue reading “Chris Brown Wants To Own All Women; Watch Your Nan #chrisbrown #teambreezy”

Joshua Pascoe Is Shit, Here’s The Proof

Possible rapist and terrible actor Joshua Pascoe has had his Eastenders fate sensationally ruined by Eastenders themselves as they’ve essentially told everyone Yes, he’s shit, and yes, he’s leaving. (That isn’t their actual words, but it’s what they probably mean.) They also say that Pascoe will be leaving the soap in the autumn, after filmingContinue reading “Joshua Pascoe Is Shit, Here’s The Proof”

Mike Stock – “sluttish stars harm youngsters.”

Mike Stock, one third of pre-millenial hit makers, Stock Aitken and Waterman, has shown his displeasure at acts like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj getting their vaginas out to sell pop music. Speaking to the Independent on Sunday (yes, I’m cultured you berks), Mike had these words to say: It’s easy: if you haven’t gotContinue reading “Mike Stock – “sluttish stars harm youngsters.””

Chantelle Houghton Leaves Alex Reid

Rumour has it that Celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle Houghton has ditched Alex Reid, despite being 23 months pregnant, for doing “something terrible.” Unfortunately we don’t think she means WildBoyz. The 28 year old model has kicked the former cage fighter, former cross dresser, and former Katie Price Sex Partner, to the curb and vowedContinue reading “Chantelle Houghton Leaves Alex Reid”