You Should Know About: Broad City

If someone came up to you and said ‘Yo, you should totally check out this new series that I’ve seen on Comedy Central about two girls living it up in New York’ you’d automatically draw some fairly obvious conclusions: one, that there’s going to be some sort of influence from the Grand Dames of FeminismContinue reading “You Should Know About: Broad City”

Inside Amy Schumer

One of the main reasons that Inside Amy Schumer, the self titled part sketch show, part social examination, is so brilliant at what it does is because it’s a strong voice with a strong message. That message being: I’m a woman, society is doing all these terrible things to us and I want to show you how ridiculous this is.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’ve just sat through six hours of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s really early on Mother’s Day and to be honest I’m either too tired or buzzed to celebrate it. I’m too tired or buzzed because I’ve finally found what my heart has been missing since 30 Rock – the GREATEST comedy ever created – finished. And my new love? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Joshua Pascoe Is Shit, Here’s The Proof

Possible rapist and terrible actor Joshua Pascoe has had his Eastenders fate sensationally ruined by Eastenders themselves as they’ve essentially told everyone Yes, he’s shit, and yes, he’s leaving. (That isn’t their actual words, but it’s what they probably mean.) They also say that Pascoe will be leaving the soap in the autumn, after filmingContinue reading “Joshua Pascoe Is Shit, Here’s The Proof”

The Snipist – an exercise in AWESOME @mrholness @skyarts #thesnipist

When Sky announced that they were going to show a series of short plays with massive stars in them, I felt a little disheartened. Apart from a slice of Russell Tovey and Alison Steadman getting her end away with Tom Jones, nothing really stood out for me. Call me a philistine if you want, butContinue reading “The Snipist – an exercise in AWESOME @mrholness @skyarts #thesnipist”

Dear Bryan Kirkwood, has Eastenders gone down the pan?

It would seem so, especially according to The Daily Mail, or people who have seen it over the past few months. Comparisons are already being made to it’s heyday of Dirty Den’s dealings and the epic Diederick Santer era, but even harking back to a bygone age isn’t productive to something which needs to representContinue reading “Dear Bryan Kirkwood, has Eastenders gone down the pan?”

5 Things We’ve Learnt From…Steps: On The Road Again

Some people just don’t know when to say dead; Kerry Katona, Margaret Thatcher, Jesus, and generally the “spectacular comebacks” tend to not be that impressive. But instead seem to be a somewhat successful attempt at clawing in money for artists who’ve gone off the boil. Michael Jackson for instance.  Nevertheless they are entertaining, even ifContinue reading “5 Things We’ve Learnt From…Steps: On The Road Again”

Community is back; here’s why you shouldn’t care

If I could sum this collection of words and dots (and maybe some dashes) in one phrase: you shouldn’t care about Community, because Community is awful and should be sent where TV shows go to die.  I’ve seen my fair share of truly bad comedies; The Green, Green Grass, The Watson and Oliver Show, theseContinue reading “Community is back; here’s why you shouldn’t care”