Matt Cardle Finally Talks Sense

In an industry first, a winner of the X Factor has come out with a press release that everyone can agree with. Matt Cardle, proud owner of Matt Cardle’s hat and nothing much else at the moment, has publicly announced that he is glad that he has recently been dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label.Continue reading “Matt Cardle Finally Talks Sense”

Bieborg malfunctions; Selena Gomez Ctrl+Alt+Dels @justinbieber #prayforbieborg

Justin Bieber has, reportedly lost his loaf at some paparazzi, and for the first time shown the failings in the upgraded Bieborg 2.0 software. Luckily Selena Gomez, the Noonien Soong to Bieber’s Data, was around to reset the Bieborg’s operations via the handy on/off switch on the sole of his foot. Look at his face,Continue reading “Bieborg malfunctions; Selena Gomez Ctrl+Alt+Dels @justinbieber #prayforbieborg”